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Data Recovery Chennai
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Computer Life Cycle Management and Migration

Every IT professional can tell a horror story about an upgrade, roll-out, or migration gone awry. So many factors are involved; hardware, software, compatibility, timing, data, procedures, security protocols, and of cour


Emergency Data Recovery - Data Recovery

When you have lost your data and your business depends on getting that data back as quickly as possible then we are here to help. We are able to provide an emergency data recovery service for Hard drives, RAID systems, NAS, SAN, Tape, memory cards and all other computer data storage devices. A completely professional service trusted by large international organisations, large and small business and government agencies - including Universities, Schools, NHS Trusts, etc so you can be assured yo


Hard Disk Failure - Data Recovery

What ever has happened to your hard drive, the recovery process we use is data-safe. Where possibly, we will always create a clone of the media before attempting recovery, this way it is always possible for us to return the drive in the same state as we received it. All work is carried out in-house and we have a Class 100 clean air environment for all work where the drive has to be opened. Most manufacturers will honour any remaining warranty should we need to open a drive.

With modern


Data Recovery Chennai